About DIY M.C.

Welcome to this DIY Media-Centre WordPress.com page.

Every year at Ieper-HARDCORE-Fest there are these Media-activists all over the place, rushing like a ninja, springing like a bee. Some of you might be wondering what we are doing with all those pictures we take and stuff we write. Well then this is the place you’ve been looking for!

IeperHCFest-media-camp exists out of voluntary DIY Media-activists only. Who are working together to generate a number of articles, photoreports, reviews, (LIVE) interviews (on the MTM stage during the festival), etc… One as a photographer and an other as a journalist.

It’s not just about the fact that HardCore is more than music. It’s about voicing YOUR opinion too.

We are always looking to operate with new people! So, if you want to put on your working-gloves and co-operate with other angry youths (?) … Then you can mail us at “hcfest.mcATgmailDOTcom”.

We are also looking for extra media-equipment;
For example: old (working) desktop computers, a photocopier, paper, etc… Stuff like that.

What does our billboard say?
Come and play, come and play!
DON’T forget about the MOVEMENT!

When you can’t close your eyes,… Then this Ieper HC Fest DIY Media-Centre is the place for you to get involved with!


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